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IMD SeeMore™ Ultrasound USB Probe

Turn your laptop into an ultrasound machine:
Plug it into the USB port of your laptop, tablet, or desktop!

Datasheet for General Purpose Probe
Datasheet for Abdominal Probe
Datasheet for Vascular Access Probe
Datasheet for Near Field Imaging Probe
IMD SeeMore™ image gallery and video gallery

This portable and convenient tool is ideal for 1st-line ultrasound examinations out in the field. It also serves as a quick and easy alternative for ultrasound consultation in your office, in complement to your current system.

Outstanding Image Quality:

  • Fully digital B mode
  • 256 shades of gray scale
  • Real-time, 12 frames per second

Ultrasound Made Simple:

  • Auto Scan mode - save, send, and print images
  • Built in measurements, calculations, and patient reports

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Computer Operating System – Windows 7 or 8
  • Minimum processor – 2.5 GHz (or 1.6 GHz if i5)
  • Minimum RAM – 4 GB
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Minimum Display 1024 X 600 resolution with 32 bit color